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Jacquie Locker, the Principal of Yandelora School, gave an extremely interesting and informative talk at our online meeting on 24th April.

Yandelora School is a new purpose built, state of the art, School for Specific Purpose, that caters for students with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disabilities.

The school is focused on delivering a quality education for its students helping them gain independence in school and beyond. The staff at Yandelora have a culture of inclusivity, promoting the dignity and wellbeing of all students and their families, and are strong advocates for the education of students with disabilities.

Yandelora is a place where students connect to each other, the land, and the community, demonstrate courage in learning, confidence in risk taking, and grow into valued members of the community who are caring and compassionate.


''Never let a good crisis go to waste''. - Sir Winston Churchill
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