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With one of the largest hidden costs to business being poor communication, Kylie’s Key Note Messages and Signature Training Programs focus on assisting individuals, teams and businesses develop communication skills to
shift their relationships and businesses to a new level of understanding, cohesiveness and productivity.
Kylie’s focus is to assist you to shift from effective to intentional communication. To do this you need to first understand yourself and then commit to understanding others. It is here that you will be empowered, be able to use your strengths and the strengths of others around you to excel and enjoy your life, relationships and business.
Kylie professional background is in management and corporate training over the past 15 years. She has a double degree in Neuroscience and Psychology and is also a Rehabilitation Counsellor. Kylie became an expert in the area of managing psychological injury and stress in the workplace. She was hailed as the “go to girl” for difficult and angry clients. She loved making a tangible difference in the lives of her clients.
She left the corporate world to start her own enterprise in 2005. She consulted to business for a few years and then developed “Teamology” her Corporate Training Company that delivers a variety of training programs to teams and business. Kylie’s primary focus is on communication and how this affects leadership, team dynamics, relationships and productivity within a team.

If you like to learn more and hear Kylie speak, then you are welcome to come along to the our Rotary meeting, next Thursday, 13th August, 6pm @ Camden Sports Club. You don’t need to be a Rotarian, but you need to let us know by 12 middayThursday 13th Aug. by emailing . Cost is just $22 includes 2x course meal.



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