Relay For Life

Camden Rotary’s Relay for Life

The Camden Rotary Club’s Relay for life has been in existence for five years. It is part of a state wide NSW Cancer Council program of Relay for Life events. Camden Rotary is the only Rotary club in NSW which organises the total event. Rotary clubs play supporting roles in other Relay for Life events such as providing barbecues and being marshals. Camden Rotarians, as with other close knit associations, had experienced cancer first hand, whether it was the suffering of a fellow member or a member’s family. It was decided to play their part in assisting the community to recognise and support survivors of cancer and also give others the opportunity to acknowledge and honour those who had lost the fight. Funds would also be raised to help the Cancer Council conduct educational programs, provide physical and monetary support to sufferers and, most importantly, provide funds for cancer research. The secondary aim was to provide a community event where people could ‘leave their troubles and cares behind’ for a 24 hour period and indulge in a festive atmosphere. The event, it was hoped would become a ‘must do’ in the Camden social calendar. The first ‘Relay for Life’ in 2009 attracted 250 participants and raised $16 000, in 2012 there were 1000 participants and $205 000 was collected and in 2014 a whopping $250,000 was raised! Will you join this great event on September 17/18, 2016, at Onslow Park, Camden and help the Rotarians fight this insidious disease?

So come along, join the fun, walk, jog or run, raise funds for a good cause & get dressed in a very fancy kind of a way and receive prizes in “The Ridiculous Relayers Rewards”

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