Paul Harris Fellows 2018

Paul Harris Fellows

A Paul Harris Fellow is the highest recognition a Rotary Club can bestow. It is named for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary over 100 years ago.

In 1957, the Rotary Foundation launched the Paul Harris Fellowship in memory of the founder as an expression of appreciation for those who have contributed to the Foundation’s humanitarian and educational programs. Paul Harris Fellow Recognition is both an award for exemplary work in community service or helping those in need, or a method of recognizing a substantial donation to The Rotary Foundation, in the spirit of “Service above Self.”

The Paul Harris Fellow recipients for 2018:

Bunnings Narellan, John Denis Wrigley OAM, Stephen Britten, Andrew Perrin, Hugh Southwell.











The Rotary Club of Camden has contributed USD1,000 to the Foundation in the name of each of the recipients: John Denis Wrigley, Bunnings Narellan, Hugh Carlyle Southwell and Rotarian Andrew Perrin.

John Denis Wrigley OAM has been a member of the Camden Historical Society for over 35 years. John has written many books and countless articles on the history of Camden and its surround. The Rotary Club of Camden are delighted to add to John’s list of honours by acknowledging him as a Paul Harris Fellow.

The Narellan Bunnings Store opened in October 2009. Since then the store has become an integral part of the communities of Narellan and Camden. The store now has more than 120 charities, community and sporting groups competing for the Bunnings BBQs and cake stalls. Camden Rotary has shown their appreciation by naming Bunnings Narellan as a Paul Harris Fellow.

Hugh Carlyle Southwell is a Camden local being born and spent all of his working life here, in Camden. In 2013 he was elected President of the Camden Show Society  and has served in the capacity since. The Camden Show, under the guidance of Hugh, continues as the largest annual event in the Camden Area. After 28 years of voluntary service to his community Camden Rotary feels it fitting that John should be recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow.

Andrew Perrin has been a member of the Rotary Club of Camden since 2004. However, his first introduction to community service was in 1990 as a member of Rotaract. Here Andrew spent 4 years building a strong foundation of community involvement along with the greatest of friendships, which eventually led to his progression to Rotary. Andrew has been a strong supporter of the Relay for Life and he is passionate about the U Turn the Wheel program. It is very fitting that Camden Rotary honour Andrew by naming him a Paul Harris Fellow.

The Paul Harris Fellow recipients at Rotary Club of Camden:

The late Bert Tegel, 1978 pin 1987
The late George Skilling, 1980
The late Ern Britton, 1981
The late Fred Whiteman, 1982
The late Alf Ahrenfeld, 1987
The late Allan Clinton, 1987
John Lee, 1991 pin 2005 pin 2007
The late Liz Kernohan, 1991
Noel Riordan, 1992
John Southwell, 1993
Alek Jankowski, 1994
The late Roy Nicholson, 1995
The late Ern Clinton, 1997
June Holdsworth, 1997
The late Frank Stuckey, 1997
The late Peg Tegel, 1997
Richard Cornhill, 1999
Bruce Farquharson, 1999, pin 2013, pin 2016
Diana Lee, 1999
The late Noel Collis, 2001
Robert Eaglesham, 2002
Mike Scarce, 2002 pin 2010 & 2012
Cyril Houseman, 2004
John Williams, 2004
Greg Eagles, 2005
Joyce Thorn, 2005
John Newman, 2006
Marion Nicholson, 2006
Ian McKenzie, 2006
Max Tegel, 2006
Errol Best, 2007
The Late Frank Brooking, 2007
Olive McAleer, 2007
Liz Jankowski, 2008
Roy Kellaway, 2008
South West Pathology (corporate) 2009
Ken Macaulay, 2008
Rowan Moore, 2008
Alan Redman, 2008
Jim Davies, 2008
Graeme Watson, 2008
Bill Darby, 2009
The late Geoff McAleer, 2009
Ian Clifton, 2009
The late Dora Dunbar, 2009
Rob Mulley, 2009
Rick Wade, 2009
Bettie Small, 2009
Jim Drinnan, 2010
David McDonald, 2010
Gary Ireland, 2010
Gordon Clowes, 2010
Ken Clowes, 2010
Geoff Fowler, 2010
Terry Gordon, 2010
Bruce Harding, 2010
The late John Moloney, 2010
John O’Grady, 2010
Ken Searle, 2010
Andrew Whiteman, 2010
David Funnell, 2011
Dorothy Johnson-Kelly, 2011
Jim Selley, 2011
Peter Claxton, 2011
The late Fred Small, 2011
David Yong, 2011
Stephen Humphreys, 2012
Nola Tegel, 2012
John Saunderson, 2012
Chris Evans, 2012, pin 2015
John Walsh, 2012
Hugh Davies, 2013
Camden Golf Club (corporate), 2013
Ross Newport, 2013
Kay Sidman, 2014
Camden Hire (corporate), 2014
Ian Lane, 2014
Aneek Mollah, 2014
Kevyn Moore, 2014
John Fahey, 2015
Ken Hughes, 2015
Mark Stanham, 2015
Enzo Leone, 2015
John Schwartz, 2015
Rhonda Newman, 2016